“The skills that LeadLab are teaching are skills that I wish someone had taught me as a young athlete. These guys are an amazing benefit for young athletes to have before they go on to college and to the real world.” - Charley Hughlett, Longsnapper for NFL Cleveland Browns

“I firmly believe that leadership development is one of the most vital processes for a person to go through to ensure the best opportunity for success. I have never met two people who are more true testaments to leadership development. Not only do they lead themselves, but their passion shows as they aspire to pay forward and encourage the development of other leaders.” - Sean Ryan, All-American/Captain, Management Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

“When you have any kind of activity that’s directed and led by Connor Dietz, it’s going to be superb. You will not find a sharper, more honest person with greater passion and common sense who can connect and lead others than Connor. We were so fortunate during Connor’s 4 years here at the Air Force Academy to have him lead out squad as quarterback. Learn from the best- Connor Dietz” - Troy Calhoun, Head Football Coach, Air Force Academy