1) Every day there is a negative headline about an off-field situation involving an athlete.

2) Out of the 97% of high school athletes who never make it pro almost none are prepared for life after sports.

3) All emphasis on athletic development is put on making athletes bigger, faster, stronger.

Founders Connor Dietz and Kevin Shields set out to fill a void in high school athletics: cognitive and leadership development. Both having deep athletic roots, they have seen the clear differences in elite level performers and understand the colossal impact in developing the ‘person behind the athlete’. Often referred to as the “X” Factor, team captains and other stand-outs have the intangibles necessary to obtain success in all facets of both life and sport. On the field, they have the mental toughness and leadership skills essential to thrive, while off the field maintaining vital situational awareness and communication skills propelling them ahead of peers.

LeadLab was established to set a standard for athletes and strengthen the bridge between athletics, life and future- which in turn builds a competitive advantage for all.